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WeThinkCode_ trains world class software engineers in a problem-solving, peer-to-peer learning environment. The course
is tuition-free and sponsored by corporates going digital and looking to source the right skills.

Why do it

Get Relevant

Learn the latest in game design, app design, cloud computing, cryptography, artificial intelligence, web design, malware, security systems, eCommerce frameworks and much more.

Become a Rockstar

Our course is one of the best in the world. You will learn all the skills you need to thrive as an excellent programmer. We teach you the full stack front-end and back-end.

Build the Next Big Thing

Becoming a great programmer is about a way of thinking. We will teach you the skills to unlock your creative genius and maybe lead you to build the next Facebook or Twitter?

Study for FREE

There is no tuition. Corporates will sponsor your training and you pay us a placement fee only if you find a job as a programmer.

Have Fun

You'll be coding with other world-class students who share the same passion as you. You'll have access to cutting-edge technologies to inspire you to be the best you can.

Work for the Best

The world's best companies are now embracing digital transformation and are hungry for skills. We are partnering with top corporates where you will complete internships while you study.

What you will learn

Latest and relevant skills

Everything you learn will be current and relevant to the tech industry with no archaic and outdated content. Our curriculum will be updated in real-time to ensure that we are always on top of the latest developments.

Solving real-world problems

You will be working with your fellow students to solve relevant problems set by corporates and the tech industry. After completing level I, you will be working as an intern at a top company and gain work experience while studying.

How it works

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Ace the test and you'll be invited to join our intense 4-week bootcamp during which you'll be challenged to solve programming problems.

Learn to code

Now you are ready to start the 2-year course at our campus that will teach you all you need to know to become a world-class software engineer.

The Future of Learning

Radically different approach to education

No classes, no teachers and no tuition. You don’t even need matric to apply. You work in groups with your fellow students to solve problems and have full access to campus 7 days a week. There is open access to information from various sources, and you learn how to filter, compare and use relevant data in order to solve problems. Just like the learning process is peer-oriented, students also evaluate each other's work and help set the problems.

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"Before coming to WeThinkCode_ I was doing my Diploma in IT at UNISA. Initially I had planned to finish that as soon as possible and start working towards a masters degree. Unfortunately I kept getting delayed because of financial obstacles. WeThinkCode_ came at the perfect time because I was not sure I would even register the following semester and it was proving hard to get some sort of financial assistance. I now wish that WeThinkCode_ was around right after leaving high school because I have come to realise that I have learnt more here in two months than I did in the two years at university. With the knowledge and networks I get here at WeThinkCode_ I plan to set some trends in the tech industry and not just follow as a consumer."
Gomotso Mofokeng, 24 years old, Student at WeThinkCode_

"After spending 2 years not really going anywhere in life due to some unfortunate financial circumstances, WeThinkCode presented a unique opportunity that didn't exist anywhere else. To learn to program from the ground up regardless of previous experience or financial circumstance, giving everyone a fair chance regardless of background."
Gregory Havenga, 20 years old, Student at WeThinkCode_

"I was born and raised in Soweto. I was raised by a very special woman, my mother, who has always instilled in me the importance of knowledge and working hard for the things you want. I heard about WeThinkCode_ from a friend at work, I had never done any kind of coding but have always been intrigued by the concept. The biggest challenge so far has been adjusting to the different approach to learning that they have here at WeThinkCode_. I have been conditioned for a long time to think and learn in a certain way, whereas here at WeThinkCode_ we are encouraged to be creative, interact and learn from each other. My favourite quote has always been "You try, you fail, you try, you fail. The real failure is when you stop trying". So never quit on the things you want, learn from your failures, pick yourself up and try again."
Thandeka Mkhwanazi, 23 years old, Student at WeThinkCode