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WeThinkCode_ is tuition free for all students. This enables us to bring students from low income backgrounds into the programme and train them to be full stack software developers. As a sponsor, you not only change a young person's life, but you are also able to claim a range of benefits including:


  1. Section 12H benefits - Up to R40k registration and R40k completion allowances, 

  2. ETI - Up to R12k off of your PAYE for eligible learners, 

  3. B-BBEE - The programme is claimable as Category B on the Skills Development element of your B-BBEE scorecard


Socio-Economic Development 

Contributions to WeThinkCode_ are also claimable on the Socio-Economic Development element of your B-BBEE scorecard. 

Section18A tax deductions

As a registered Public Beneficiary Organisation, WeThinkCode_ is able to issue Section18A certificates for qualifying contributions. 


Thanks for submitting, our Head of Commercial Operations Sibonelo Nkosi will be in touch.

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