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We have four areas in which industry professionals can volunteer to support our students:

The Second Year Mentorship:


We are looking for experienced software development practitioners who enjoy coaching to mentor groups of four to six students. Mentors provide guidance on communication; ways of working; insights on tackling programming challenges in the curriculum and tips on conduct expected in the workplace. Their core role is to provide space for reflection and building self-awareness. Each volunteer needs to meet with their mentees for a minimum of 1 hour every two weeks. 

The Interview Readiness:


We are seeking practitioners with experience in hiring and recruiting to conduct mock interviews. Most WeThinkCode_ students have never gone through an interview before and so they find the idea of a technical interview daunting. Volunteers take the students through a simulated interview, asking a series of technical and non-technical questions. At the end of the interview, the volunteers provide the students constructive feedback on how they performed. This enables students to prepare for the real thing. Sessions are hosted once a month on Saturday mornings. Each session runs for 2 to 4 hours.

WomenThinkCode= Meetups:


We are seeking women in tech to stand as role models for the young women in our program. By delivering talks on their career journeys covering both the technical and interpersonal aspects, volunteers can begin to normalise the existence of women in tech. This helps the young women of WeThinkCode_ to begin to see themselves through the experiences of successful women in technology. Talks run for an hour each and are scheduled based on the host's availability.    

Community Hosted Talks:


We’re seeking experienced practitioners from the tech community to deliver talks on the real-world application of various technologies. The goal is to expose our students and alumni to the exciting work in which you're involved. Talks run for an hour each and are scheduled based on the host's availability.


Thanks for volunteering, our Head of Placements, Kelebogile Motlhamme will be in touch.

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